Inspired by @saytrumbo
  1. In the shower
    This happens any given day that I have to wake up to an alarm and shower and probably be somewhere I'd rather not be.
  2. Murphy's Law, Rochester NY
    Going away night out for a friend moving to Georgia. I thought I took non drowsy Benadryl with my rum and crystal light cocktail during a pre game at my apartment. I did not. Chased by a couple of Labatt Blues and I wad down for the count sitting in a bar booth. My lovely roommate drove me home and I slept like a baby after essentially roofying myself. Never again. Ps this photo is from before things got weird. I call it Mother and Child.
  3. Driving home from a Darius Rucker concert
    Also featuring A Thousand Horses and Brothers Osborne. Very amazing concert. I ate Denny's, never a good decision and felt myself drifting into a food coma/sleep while driving. Terrifying feeling and definitely a lesson learned.
  4. A parking spot on a 85 degree day.
    Senior year health class. I volunteered to be the model for a chalk outline drawing for a fake crime scene for a drunk driving lesson. I fell asleep mid draw and my classmates left me while I roasted like roadkill in the heat of the day.
  5. A first date
    The sudden exhaustion came from a 12 hour day nannying, hauling ass to get ready, the normal stress of a first Tinder date, surprisingly good conversation and laughing, 3 Labatt Blue's (yes this a common thing/my go to), a very comfortable couch and having seen The Conjuring too many times to be scared/conscious. Moral of this story I should have went home after the bar while the date was going well. Instead I woke up to his hand a little to high on my leg. But now I know. And no second date.
  6. During every pre calc quiz in high school
    It was exhausting trying to write fake answers that made it seem like I knew what I was doing.
  7. Any college class before 10 am
    Enough said.