Friday he asked me to go for coffee on Sunday morning and said he would have asked for Saturday but Syracuse played that night. Whatever, I was pretty hyped about final four and this was different at a drink at bar and I was excited. We talked a bit throughout the weekend so I had good vibes.
  1. For some reason I woke up like 45 minutes before my 8:30 alarm and saw his message on my phone
  2. Long paragraphs early in the morning are never a good sign
  3. And I don't know if it's the early hour, me overthinking everything, or just a gut feeling but I'm like would someone really come out and fix that on a Sunday?
    I don't know much about electrician work but I don't know
  4. And usually when I cancel and it's something out of my control I'm like omg let's reschedule right now so they know that I'm not trying to blow them off.
  5. He did say he had to be to his sisters today at 1 so that's maybe why he didn't just ask to do something later.
  6. But I'm just kind of like meh, slightly disappointed
  7. You can't miss out on something you didn't have but I was pretty excited
  8. We shall see
  9. Feel free to offer input