1. @marymurphy you once said that you see colors when you're doing math
  2. @marymurphy why did you even listen to me when I told you bed time was 3:30pm?
  3. @marymurphy seriously what is with the shower thing?
  4. @marymurphy we literally have a video of you singing bla bla blacksheep while cutting the carpet in my bedroom with a pair of scissors
  5. @marymurphy you named your stuffed dog James
  6. @marymurphy you've literally snapchatted me pictures wearing the earrings and/or clothing you told me you didn't steal from me and still denied it after
  7. @marymurphy when you were two years old you whispered to me that you remembered mom and dad's wedding
  8. @marymurphy who doesn't like cake?
  9. @marymurphy why can you not tell a story succinctly?! Why?
  10. @marymurphy you literally wrote a children's book line about a weird little boy fashion designer named Lars when you were a small child
  11. @marymurphy I knew all along you weren't the one who dialed 911
  12. @marymurphy THESE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE REAONS WHY I BOTH FEAR AND LOVE YOU #heresyadamnlist
  13. @katiemurphy @joemurphy I'm coming for you next. I don't even know where to begin with yours, KT.