5 Reasons I Loved Star Wars the Force Awakens

No spoilers. My family saw the movie last night in a packed and enthusiastic theater. Just how the movie "got me in my feelings" and re-ignited my love for the franchise
  1. Chewbacca - my husband said every time Chewie came on the scene I had a smile and laugh. Chewbacca is my spirit Wookie.
  2. The friendship between Rey and Finn - their relationship spoke volumes and pulled at my heartstrings.
  3. The badass ship combat scenes - So much action and in 3D it was incredible.
  4. A fresh take on the Star Wars Universe - expanded the universe while still paying tribute
  5. There was just enough mystery to make me want to see the next installments. Reuniting the original stars with the new leads was a powerful combination. It took me back to my childhood and made me excited for what's to come.