I love love love koreatown in LA. I drive through it every day and always see something new I want to check out but will never get to them all.
  1. HK market - the vegetable (I think) soup that comes with the japchae at the counter restaurant - get dinner for the fam while grocery shopping - win win
  2. Pollo a la brasa - simply the best chicken ever
  3. Century club spa 24 hours - hot oil massage and milk scrub - heaven
  4. Dong Il Jeng II - amazing food, sit on the floor low tables and koi pond for kid amusement (wait staff not as amused)
  5. So many dog groomers it's a mystery
  6. Korean chicken wings - good at every Korean chicken wing spot
  7. The Line hotel - and poketo at the Line hotel
  8. 99 cent stores - pure fun
  9. The Prince - dark dive bar with Korean and bar food if memory serves, old hollywood vibe, I'm guessing @bjnovak likes this place
  10. Thanks for the tip @marisarico I am going there ASAP
  11. POT - the incredible restaurant at the Line
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  12. CGV Cinemas
    Always showing new Korean movies!
    Suggested by @angusisley
  13. Quarter's BBQ
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    KBBQ spot with an American sports bar feel. High quality meats, good ventilation, and a fun bar selection (photo). They also cook your meat for you if you give them a confused American look.
    Suggested by @Burke
  14. HMS Bounty
    Neighborhood bar and a kitschy, knock-off-brand-style steakhouse. Cheap, completely edible, and super fun if you like dives.
    Suggested by @Burke