Pass on congrats to Chris, @reathdesign please!
  1. Martin Short
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    I want him as a BFF. He and steve Martin are the new Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.
  2. Carl Reiner
    93 and sharp as hell
  3. The opening montage
    Chris Merrill has mastered these things
  4. Parenthood clips
    Balloon animal of your large intestine
  5. Father of the Bride clips
    I cried instantly
  6. All of Me
    Carl Reiner talking about filming the scene on the street. Steve Martin showed up to set with the whole thing worked out. He's amazing in it.
  7. Steve Martin
    Great speech. Final punchline almost great. Seems like a swell guy and an amazing friend. And of course so fucking funny.
  8. Steve Martin films to rewatch immediately
    The Jerk, the Man with Two Brains, All of Me, Parenthood, Father of the Bride (1 and 2 maybe?), Planes Trains and Automobiles, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid