1. Why do Korean women (at the Korean spa) wash with such intensity and socialize while they are doing it?
    Are there other cultures that also do this? Do Korean men sit around and scrub each other for hours as well?
  2. Why do Jewish women (often) have big boobs?
    What could the evolutionary reason be for such a trait?
  3. Why do people think those MC hammer pants with the low crotch are attractive and/or cool?
    Looks ok on 2 year olds but that's where it should end.
  4. Why do people get so into socializing with the other preschool parents?
    Seems like a waste of time if your kids will go to different schools in a year.
  5. When will flat abs go out of fashion?
    Soon I hope
  6. Should I not get manicures now that that NYTimes article said the manicurists get paid terribly and treated worse?
    Does it apply to LA as well? What if I overtip, would that make up for it? I didn't even read the article and I still feel guilty.