We ♥️ you @ericgarcetti just have a few questions
  1. Why don't we solve the drought by desalination?
  2. Why is it illegal to use gray water in the city?
  3. Why is there no parking at the metro stations?
  4. Why do you need a PHD to figure out how to enroll your kid in public school?
  5. Why is it impossible to permit a garage conversion in the city of LA due to antiquated parking restrictions?
  6. Why is there no parking app like in Chicago and most other cities?
  7. When we lived in Chicago the city offered a service where they would take control of our Nest and avoid rolling black outs by modulating the temperature by one or two degrees during peak use - we should also be doing that!
    Same goes for wifi sprinkler use
  8. Why doesn't every house have solar panels?
  9. Why are we still on the back foot for runaway production and post production?
  10. Why don't we nurture LA as the tech center for emerging tech like VR?
  11. Please stop the McMansions
  12. Why not use the new football stadium subsidies to help grow tech startups in the city?