1. Fluffy butts lol
    Oh Man! you should see his thick butt lol
  2. putting onesizelargerclothes just to accommodate the thick, fluffy diaper
    It's adorbz. Plus, my petite babies fit into the size that matches their age. Yay
  3. Ugh. Washing them.
    Because poop. And the routine.
  4. Pre-rinse. What...
  5. Wash with hot water.
  6. Full scoop of detergent.
    Dorian CD detergent, or regular ol' store brand, or what? Regular stuff for us.
  7. Oh gah. Ammonia! Heavy bleach during wash or light bleach soak or vinegar or what?
    Whatevs. I dunno.
  8. Extra rinse?
    I do. Because poop.
  9. Hang dry? Sun? Low heat? High heat? What?
    Whatever is easiest for us. Soon it'll be Sunning them. To save money or whatever.
  10. Pockets? AIOs? AI2s? Prefolds? WHAT??????
    Prefolds with charcoal stuffed eBay cheapo pockets. Works just fine.
  11. Take a break here and there. Don't break the back trying to be a freakin hippy.