Playing Trivia Crack Kingdoms

  1. Oooohhhhhh, you wanna play? PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!
  2. What the heck kinda question is that?!?!
  3. Well, now. I answered it correctly. How food that happen? Don't question it, Alicia, just accept it.
  4. I keep getting liquor questions correct. I don't know tequila from vodka but whatev.
  5. Harry Potter?!?!? Guaranteed correct!
  6. Ummm. Enlist the bomb to knock two incorrect answers out. Still don't know the answer. Wild guess. Aaaaaaannnndd I got out right again. Don't question it, just move on.
  7. I just won like 10 games in a row. Either she's an idiot or I'm a genius. I'll go with the latter.