1. It starts as a little dark place.
  2. It grows and grows.
  3. You don't even know when you last showered. Eww.
  4. You start eating crap food.
  5. You can't bring yourself to love anything anymore.
  6. You feel worthless.
  7. You beg for relief.
  8. You can't even change a diaper without bawling.
  9. You take 10 sleeping pills and down them with a beer.
  10. Woah. You woke up the next day.
  11. You talk to someone. Husband, doctor, anyone.
  12. You seek proper treatment.
  13. You find something that helps tremendously.
  14. Things are good...for awhile.
  15. You go back to the dark place.
  16. You start treatment again.
  17. You begin to recognize that dark clouds having your way.
  18. You start treatment before your love dissipates.
  19. You did it. You're conquering depression.
  20. You got this. One step at a time.
  21. You got this.