As I'm making this list I'm seeing a type emerge...sorry blonde men
  1. John Krasinski
    Literally the cutest face I've ever seen, I want him to father my children (sorry Emily Blunt, love u also)
  2. Bill Hader
    No ragrets, he's cute n funny and I'm into it
  3. Brendon Urie
    Fuck me up tbh, looks good as hell all the time and the singing is a big bonus (u hit those high notes beeb)
  4. Jed Cullen (from the band Spector, not really a celebrity but this is my list and I'll do what I want)
    10/10 face, does a mean guitar solo, I was at a Spector gig on Thursday and his collarbones looked v good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Young Ted Hughes
    He was hot, let's not lie to ourselves
  6. Louis Theroux
    A national treasure
  7. Zayn
    Beautiful enough to transcend my subconscious type of nerdy or musically talented white guys
  8. Sam Claflin
    Our children would have dimples for days
  9. Kit Harington
    Always looking sad so attractively
  10. Alex Turner
    With that voice he could literally be a goblin and I'd still be into it
  11. Rihanna
    If u make this list and Rihanna isn't on it, honestly what the fuck