Including support acts, and including at Reading Festival last year...I do not have this much concert money and some of these I wouldn't have electively seen lmao. Mostly making this list as a reference for myself so if it's boring then that's my excuse.
  1. Spector (3x)
    loves of my life, always put on a sick show, tickets are cheap, crowd is insane
  2. The Summer Set
    first proper concert i ever went to, holds a special place in my ❤️, am seeing them again in may because i have no self control
  3. Panic at the Disco (3x)
    just..always so good, always surprise me with how much fun they are for some reason?
  4. First Aid Kit
    surprisingly like energetic and fun, just as amazing vocally live as they are on cds, at the gig i went to they sang a song w no microphones or instruments and it was amazing
  5. The Mountain Goats (2x)
    means too much to me to even be able to write about tbh, the most important band in my life, incredibly upbeat live which was a surprise to me
  6. Halsey
    people love to talk shit about halsey but i don't care i think she's great and her show in brixton in february was so good
  7. Fall Out Boy
    the biggest concert i've ever been to, the only one at a proper arena (pretty sure it was wembley?), were super good, i was mad close up when they did the acoustic set
  8. Okay now for bands I saw at Reading (I saw Panic and Spector there as well, I've seen them both twice in like actual concert and once at Reading)
  9. Bastille
    missed like half their set but they were really good! don't know much of their music but it was fun
  10. Palma Violets
    hadn't heard of them, their set was pretty bad, best of friends was a sick song that i found that day tho so there's something
  11. Drenge
    had to watch them while waiting for panic....just shockingly bad
  12. All Time Low
    a couple of my friends are obsessed w them, i didn't and still don't really know any of their songs, but their set was really fun
  13. Peace
    such a good set!! wish i'd known as many of their songs then as i do now
  14. The Wombats
    sat down outside the tent for their set because it was late n we were so tired, but they sounded super good, and i got to look at this really hot guy who was sitting near us which was a bonus
  15. Everything Everything
    i literally don't remember their set at all and i don't know if that's a reflection of them or my mental capacity at the time
  16. Wolf Alice
    they were p sick, more intense than i was expecting, keep meaning to listen to their shit properly
  17. Circa Waves
    didn't know one song going into it but they were incredible and the singer is so fit and now i listen to them all the time, it had really good energy was probs the best band i saw that i didn't already know at reading
  18. Charli XCX
    me and my pal absolutely lost our shit the whole set and it was amazing
  19. Years & Years
    i went temporarily blind and nearly passed out during their set bc of a fun combination of dehydration and vodka and really heavy bass, but they were gd til i had to leave...fond memories
  20. Kendrick Lamar
    dragged my indie fucker friends to him and they did not care at all but i had a whale of a time
  21. The Libertines
    they were pretty good! i only know a couple of songs but like you can't go to reading and not see the libertines, also pete doherty is weirdly attractive imo
  22. NOW 4 SOME SUPPORTS (this list is a lot longer than i anticipated) (not gonna comment unless they were like memorably good or bad because I'm too lazy for that shit)
  23. William Beckett
  24. Paradise Fears
  25. King Charles
  26. MT
    also awful..that was a bad day for panic supports
  27. Alessi's Ark
  28. The Weather Station
  29. Spring King
    liked them quite a lot
  30. Bill Ryder-Jones
    i mean his music was good but him and his entire band looked like they were about to die of boredom
  31. Charley Marley
  32. Matt & Kim
    just ew
  33. Professor Green
    i still don't understand why he was supporting fall out boy
  34. Borns
  35. Flor
    i have borns and flor mixed up but i liked one of them quite a lot
  36. Kimberley Anne
    forgot about her, she was so good!!
  37. Big Deal