Love me some Lush - thanks for the inspo @kaitmaree !
  1. Sex Bomb
    Rose scents are my favourite, and this bath bomb is the shiiiiiiiit.
  2. Honey Bee
    I can't ever put my finger on what this smells like because I don't think it's honey, but whatever it is it smells amazing.
  3. So White
    A Christmas bath bomb which should be available all year round - the word 'crisp' was probably invented with this smell in mind.
  4. 9 to 5
    My favourite face wash, I use it every day and it doesn't fuck my skin up which is pretty rare. Also smells 10/10
  5. Celestial
    A nice light moisturiser which smells fine, unlike every other Lush face moisturiser, which all smell revolting.
  6. Silky Underwear
    The name grosses me out, but it smells so good, and using a body powder which smells of jasmine makes me feel very fancy.
  7. Candy Mountain
    Another seasonal one, a headache-inducing Snow Fairy-smelling bubble bar which I always kind of want to eat.