During the summer I went to Hawaii with my mum for a week to visit my uncle and his new wife, who moved there a few years ago and I hadn't seen for a long time. In spite of all the kale I was forced to eat, it was a pretty amazing trip, and hopefully I'll get to go back one day.
  1. The view from the hotel in Honolulu we stayed in for a night - the tiny plane that took us to Molokai didn't fly late at night, so we stayed on Oahu when we first got there (after two mad long flights - London to San Francisco, then SF to Honolulu).
  2. The first of many beaches so pretty it was hard to believe they were real.
  3. Me and my uncle collected a balls-ton of salt from here with a sieve thing.
  4. The views in Molokai are eh.
  5. Just chillin in the rainforest wbu??
  6. This is making English October seem even worse, which is a pretty big accomplishment.
  7. One of the doggy loves of my life, Sugar. Miss this little muffin.
  8. Apparently this is where the opening scene of Jurassic Park was filmed?? Still need to watch it.
  9. Molokai forest reserve - I want to live here.
  10. The sunsets were pretty consistently sick.
  11. Mo'omomi Beach was magical, didn't see any seals tho.
  12. On our last morning we got up really early and went to these cliffs, where apparently there's usually an amazing sunrise. No sunrise, but it was super foggy and at one point we were standing in the clouds.
  13. View from the plane to Washington DC on the way home (Dulles is the biggest airport I've ever been to, pretty sure I walked like 5 miles to get to baggage reclaim). Thanks for being cool, Hawaii.