I'm scared but also very ready for it.
  1. Meeting people who don't know everything embarrassing I've ever done
    No more 'do you remember that time when...'. Bliss.
  2. Homework being just to read and then write about it
    I'm going to study English, and I'm super excited to get to just read books and think and write about them instead of having to do like bullshit 'thinking maps' all the time.
  3. Lectures
    Big fan of just being spoken at and not having to participate.
  4. New experiences
    I want to basically do all the things in life, so although it's scary, I'm ready to make cool memories and have new opportunities.
  5. Leaving where I live
    I'm really not looking forward to leaving my family and friends, but where I live is pretty gross, so I'm excited to leave and live somewhere beautiful.