I have a lot of anxiety about leaving next year.
  1. Leaving my female sanctuary
    I've been at an all-girls school for almost seven years, and while there are a handful of boys in the sixth form, it's a very female space, so it's kind of scary and weird to think I'll be in a place which is 50% male.
  2. Makin' pals
    I have a lot of excellent friends at school, but it took a while to get to this point, so starting all over again sounds pretty gross - I have no idea how to make friends anymore.
  3. Having to prove my intelligence
    Kind of similar to he friends making thing - it took a long time for me to feel successful at school, and get good grades, and I'm scared that at university (especially if I get into Cambridge, yikes) I won't be smart enough or do as well as I want to.
  4. Seminars
    Group discussions...ew.
  5. Everyone being privately educated/ super Conservative
    This is mostly a Cambridge one; I come from a not very wealthy or fancy place, and I don't want to have to fight any Etonians.
  6. Sharing bathrooms
    Germs freak me out.