Adding to this list as the year progresses. Let's see what we can bounce back from!
  1. Mistakingly sending a personal email to 11,700 business email subscribers (for my health and wellbeing business). I didn't call anyone a cunt thank God, but it definitely wasn't meant for them. I sent a sincere apology and got tens of emails from my peeps saying how much they love both my honesty and transparency. (January 15)
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  2. Bulging disc injury on January 1. From doing BURPEES. Can't walk (or crawl). 2 weeks from 'cart open' date and so much to do. On Valium, endone and heavy anti-inflammatory pills. It's like Burning Man without the fun.
  3. MASSIVE SOFTWARE INTEGRATION FUCK-UP DAYS BEFORE WE LAUNCH. I had to tweet direct to a software company's CEO to get a response on issue.