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  1. Last night I experienced non consensual sexual contact. It still doesn't feel real.
    This is how I'm coping so far
  2. My beautiful wonderful housemate took me to Harris Teeter
    We got beer and ice cream and two cases of La Croix, the cashier said he hoped my day got better
  3. I went to the DTH Alumni bar night
    I was able to snuggle with two of my favorite guys who make me feel safe and good always.
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Pls help!!! I don't have time to be sick!!
  1. I've been taking NyQuil/DayQuil
    But aside from giving me crazy dreams, it's not really helping
  2. I slept all day yesterday
    Still coughing tho
  3. Please suggest some cures that work for you?
Some things about my content wife
  1. She has a borderline impossible job and she does it incredibly well
    Running the online presence for the best college newspaper in the country AND managing a full staff of bloggers. She does all this on top of being a full time student.
  2. She knows the hight of almost every celebrity
  3. She wrote a movie this year!
    It is very funny and romantic
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No particular order. Listen at thisiscriminal.com or iTunes. You know how to find podcasts, right?
  1. The Portrait, Episode 25
    This episode is just so so good. It's haunting, scary. It's about a man who kills almost his entire family on New Year's Eve, but along the way we get to know an entire North Carolina town.
  2. The Agreement, Episode 30
    Did you know you can get arrested for agreeing to commit a crime? Even if you didn't actually do it? The US Justice system is WILD y'all.
  3. Angie, Episode 26
    A professional soccer player helps solve a murder. It turns out that many of the qualities that made him a great soccer player help him solve the murder. I also really love that we hear the victim's full name in the episode, it's a little thing but means a lot to me.
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Happy birthday @emersonr
  1. Meeting her for the first time
    I was in town for a high school journalism conference, coco was in Uganda and we both missed her so much. We connected immediately. I still remember sitting with her outside the grind and feeling so safe and happy
  2. Her picking me up from Amtrak
    When I was a senior in high school and visiting UNC she and coco picked me up and we got frozen yogurt on the way home. It felt so "college" and magical
  3. The way she took good care of me during my first year
    We had so many talks that year that were so comforting to me, drinking spiked sweet tea and talking about school
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Little friendship things that make me feel all gooey and filled with love.
  1. Texting to make sure I got home safely
    Because being a woman in the world is terrifying!! 💛💛💛
  2. Sending follow up links
    If we talked about a particular song or article while hanging out and you follow up by sending me links 💖💖💖
  3. Telling me to go to bed
    Someone needs to do it!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Rochester, New York
    I lived there from age 3-14. Great public school system. But the zoning laws kept out poor families making my school district a wealthy bubble- we all thought racism was something that only happened in the South. I did professional theater there and was super involved in my Presbyterian church. A cold place with lots of good people and the best grocery store on the planet, Wegmans.
  2. Charlotte, North Carolina
    Lived there for high school. Underfunded schools, but it taught me what it means to be a liberal in a red state. Was very cool to live there during the 2012 election. You have to drive 20 minutes to get anywhere. There's not a lot to do if you're too young for bars. But I still got away with lots in high school.
  3. My family's 1999 Subaru Forester
    The only car that has been with us in New York, Charlotte and Chapel Hill. I failed multiple drivers tests in it. We spent so much time carpooling and driving around in Charlotte in this car. Mom would always start serious conversations in this car. It was the dog car, always covered in hair and mud.
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I opened up my laptop and it had a folder with a question mark flashing. So I called Applecare
  1. Our favorite Rihanna albums
    I'm loving Anti so far, his favorite is Good Girl Gone Bad
  2. The way customers act like you aren't a person
    We started talking bc he was shocked that I asked how he was doing when he greeted me. I have the same experience at work, people just want to finish the interaction and treat you so badly
  3. His worst customer service experience
    A person called in and blamed him personally for the fact that they lost their phone. He was like "I'm sorry? I'm in a different state?"
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Inspired by @dena. No particular order
  1. 1.
    My internship
    It gives me something outside of school to feel endlessly curious and excited about. I love getting sucked into the research and learning from two brilliant producers
  2. 2.
    DTH Fam
    I feel so proud to work with people who are so passionate about journalism, who work so hard and allow me to try new things
  3. 3.
    Living off campus
    My own room! My own bathroom! As an underclassman I loved escaping to a friends off campus house and I want to be that escape for others
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  1. Macy Gray on How Life Is
    My parents played "I Try" all the time when I was a kid- I've always adored it but I never knew who sang it until very recently. It was one of those mystery songs that seemed to only exist in my parents living room. Now that I know her, I want to listen to nothing but Macy.
  2. Maren Morris- EP
    I love country music and Morris is such a clear fresh talent. "My Church" is a go to road trip song and "Company You Keep" makes me cry regularly.
  3. Emmi- Sleep On It
    Not sure if this really counts, since she only has three songs out right now but I love this song so much. It's about two of my favorite activities: sleeping and avoiding conflict at all costs!
  4. The soundtrack to Creed
    Every song on this album makes me feel like I could rob a bank and fight ten men at once.