Albums I've Had on Repeat This Month

  1. Macy Gray on How Life Is
    My parents played "I Try" all the time when I was a kid- I've always adored it but I never knew who sang it until very recently. It was one of those mystery songs that seemed to only exist in my parents living room. Now that I know her, I want to listen to nothing but Macy.
  2. Maren Morris- EP
    I love country music and Morris is such a clear fresh talent. "My Church" is a go to road trip song and "Company You Keep" makes me cry regularly.
  3. Emmi- Sleep On It
    Not sure if this really counts, since she only has three songs out right now but I love this song so much. It's about two of my favorite activities: sleeping and avoiding conflict at all costs!
  4. The soundtrack to Creed
    Every song on this album makes me feel like I could rob a bank and fight ten men at once.