Happy birthday @emersonr
  1. Meeting her for the first time
    I was in town for a high school journalism conference, coco was in Uganda and we both missed her so much. We connected immediately. I still remember sitting with her outside the grind and feeling so safe and happy
  2. Her picking me up from Amtrak
    When I was a senior in high school and visiting UNC she and coco picked me up and we got frozen yogurt on the way home. It felt so "college" and magical
  3. The way she took good care of me during my first year
    We had so many talks that year that were so comforting to me, drinking spiked sweet tea and talking about school
  4. Emerson taking me to Harris Teeter when I was a first year
    I felt so out of sorts, wondering when I'd start to feel at home here. She took me to Harris Teeter where I felt at home (the grocery store is the same everywhere) and we listened to Taylor Swift in the car
  5. Her Dixie Chicks themes 21st
    Coco broke multiple wine glasses! We watched the concert movie and belted out the words to each song. I felt so happy.
  6. Every mountain trip
    So magical and safe. Sledding, hiking, reading.
  7. Leaving a party early to jump on a trampoline
    A fun, carefree summer day
  8. Desire mapping
    To be whole is to make space. We are snacks and figured out life goals while listening to the new Selena Gomez
  9. So many more
  10. I love you so much