Favorite Episodes of Criminal

No particular order. Listen at thisiscriminal.com or iTunes. You know how to find podcasts, right?
  1. The Portrait, Episode 25
    This episode is just so so good. It's haunting, scary. It's about a man who kills almost his entire family on New Year's Eve, but along the way we get to know an entire North Carolina town.
  2. The Agreement, Episode 30
    Did you know you can get arrested for agreeing to commit a crime? Even if you didn't actually do it? The US Justice system is WILD y'all.
  3. Angie, Episode 26
    A professional soccer player helps solve a murder. It turns out that many of the qualities that made him a great soccer player help him solve the murder. I also really love that we hear the victim's full name in the episode, it's a little thing but means a lot to me.
  4. Final Exit, Episode 17
    If you have a terminal illness and are mentally competent, there is a group of people who will sit with you while you commit suicide. Even if it means the FBI will track their every move.
  5. Poster Boy, Episode 16
    How do we handle a child who kills his parents? This episode has wild 19th century "science" and made me realize that intense public debate over senseless murder isn't anything new.
  6. It Looked Like Fire, Episode 32
    A perspective on Ferguson that you've never heard before. I love to hear the story behind famous pieces of journalism, and this is such a lovely portrait of both the photographer and the subject.
  7. Triassic Park, Episode 33
    This story is about the Petrified Forest National Park- visitors have been stealing petrified wood and it's a real problem. This story was wild to listen to because while listening I thought more than once "I'd probably steal a little piece" even though I know it's wrong (and there might be a curse??)
  8. Perfect Specimen, Episode 36
    Live oaks are my favorite trees in the world, they're deeply southern, mysterious, wonderful. That someone would poison a tree is wild and made me so angry. Yet this story makes me feel good about people in general.