How to Make Me Feel Loved

Little friendship things that make me feel all gooey and filled with love.
  1. Texting to make sure I got home safely
    Because being a woman in the world is terrifying!! 💛💛💛
  2. Sending follow up links
    If we talked about a particular song or article while hanging out and you follow up by sending me links 💖💖💖
  3. Telling me to go to bed
    Someone needs to do it!! ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Remembering things about my family and best friends
    It's nice when someone remembers something about me, but it's better if they know what my mom does for a living or where my sister is applying for grad school 💗💗💗
  5. Offering to ditch a party early with me
    If we're both tired and you can tell I want to leave too 💗💗💗
  6. Helping me get out of conversations
    If you can tell a dude at a party is bothering me and you find a subtle way to rescue me 💞💞💞
  7. Visiting me at work
    Especially when I'm working the night shift and I'm there alone 💚💚💚
  8. Sending me pictures of dogs
    My mom does this when she knows I'm stressed. Just long videos of our dogs sleeping. 💙💙💙