Hahaha jokes on you!! I made it! I'm still here!
  1. Every math class I have ever taken
    Multiplication tables, algebra, the SATs- they've all tried to take me down but I still got into college!!
  2. The past week
    What a fuckin garbage week filled w tears and heartbreak! But I'm still here!! With thanks to the deep love of my kind patient friends and family.
  3. The North Carolina DMV
    I got a license and have never had an accident, you sexist creeps. Though to be fair there have been some close calls.
  4. Mockingjay
    Seeing your favorite characters completely destroyed is the worst but it has since taught me to never read the third book in a YA dystopia trilogy.
  5. Generalized anxiety disorder
    Forced me to starve myself as an child but I made it through. I got older, bigger, and more protective of my heart and body.
  6. The third grade
    It was a hard year
  7. Countless hard drive crashes
    It's happened twice a year since I started college and the Apple people have no idea why
  8. Many gross ear maladies
    Imagine hearing the new Beyoncé album for the first time with only one working ear! A true tragedy!
  9. When things are hard I think it is helpful to think of your child self and remember that you need to protect and love her, yourself
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