Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Rochester, New York
    I lived there from age 3-14. Great public school system. But the zoning laws kept out poor families making my school district a wealthy bubble- we all thought racism was something that only happened in the South. I did professional theater there and was super involved in my Presbyterian church. A cold place with lots of good people and the best grocery store on the planet, Wegmans.
  2. Charlotte, North Carolina
    Lived there for high school. Underfunded schools, but it taught me what it means to be a liberal in a red state. Was very cool to live there during the 2012 election. You have to drive 20 minutes to get anywhere. There's not a lot to do if you're too young for bars. But I still got away with lots in high school.
  3. My family's 1999 Subaru Forester
    The only car that has been with us in New York, Charlotte and Chapel Hill. I failed multiple drivers tests in it. We spent so much time carpooling and driving around in Charlotte in this car. Mom would always start serious conversations in this car. It was the dog car, always covered in hair and mud.
  4. Pine St, in Carrboro, North Carolina
    Summer after my first year of college my parents moved to Louisiana and my sister spent the summer in Greece. I was alone in NC for the first time ever. I budgeted for myself, moved myself in and out.
  5. Livejournal and Archive of Our Own
    I grew up on fan fiction. I still love it unironically. I used to spend mornings in high school reading parks and rec fic and drinking coffee before school. It was such a good ritual which made me feel happy and safe.
  6. Louisiana
    I've never really /lived/ here. We moved out when I was three so I have no memories of living there. But my extended family is there so I have slices of growing up around Baton Rouge and Jennings. My grandmothers house is the one constant home throughout my life.