About all the things
  1. About the lyrics to "Bennie And The Jets"
  2. About the lyrics to "We Didn't Start The Fire"
  3. About David Bowie being an Astronaut
  4. About Louis Armstrong being the first man to land on the moon
  5. About Twilight Series.
  6. About whether or not I'm interesting enough to Vlog
  7. About who was Gossip Girl
    I'm still angry about this
  8. About assuming Michael Jackson was actually a Zombie
  9. About the definition of "moot"
    Not one person on this earth uses this word correctly
  10. About my naive optimism toward Tyler Perry in 2006.
  11. About who would win in a fight between Alfonso Ribeiro or Jaleel White
  12. About Scream Queens
    Thinking it could be good
  13. About Glee
    Thinking it would stay Good
  14. About Kiwis
    They're p chill
  15. About winter
    I hate it
  16. About John Krasinski
    He can totally be an action star