Just a sampling.
  1. The Fugitive
    This is one of my favorite movies. I very much enjoy any movie showcasing Harrison Ford's silly run.
  2. Any and all Harry Potter movies
    Which is silly because I own all of them.
  3. Marvel movies, i.e. Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America
    I've seen all of them about 100 times, so at this point it's almost like the go to when you don't really want to be paying attention or focusing too much on what you're watching.
  4. Peggy Sue Got Married
    Because it's awesome.
  5. Something Borrowed
    Because it's the right kind of wrong.
  6. It's Complicated
    Just love it, and I would like to live in Meryl Streep's house, and bake all day like her character.
  7. Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version)
    Again, something I own, but can't help but watch when it's on. I'm in love with Darcy. Big surprise.