1. So I'm not huge on resolutions, but I do like thinking about how I wanna look at each New Year
    (Let me remind you that my ED began to get bad when I made a resolution to "lose five pounds)
  2. Since recovering I've made silly and productive themes for each year
  3. For example, Braless 2K15
    It failed miserably. I have big tits and they're comfiest in public in a bra. I did go from padded to unlined so I guess that's a big deal!
  4. 2016 has been the year I read more books. Also, it's been the year I revamped my skincare, though that was less intentional.
  5. I'm thinking that for this upcoming year, I really want to hustle and like ~slay~ my career.
  6. So that means making meaningful freelance pitches and taking on more enterprise stories at work.
  7. Maybe I'll finally take Spanish?
  8. And I want to make more money.
    It's necessary in helping me live more comfortably.
  9. So I'm gonna keep up my personal website!
  10. And go to some networking events!
  11. And really think about what I want in life. Is it writing a book? Is it starting a business (this is a recent consideration TBH)? Is it working for the NYTimes? (Probs not but who knows!) Do I want to get a yoga certification?
  12. I wanna push myself to work for shit. Emotionally I'm feeling like I can handle more than last year at this time. And that's amazing.
  13. So yeah, IDK. If you have career building tips or ideas for a gal in NYC just starting her career, hit me up!
  14. What are you gonna do next year?