Shouts to @roaringsoftly for the list.spo
  1. I'm from Pittsburgh originally and it's my favorite place in the world.
    I love that it's always rainy, I love our sports teams, I love that we put fries on everything, I love that everyone is tied to the land in a weird way, I love that it's so very rust belt. I don't love that it's not diverse, especially in the suburbs.
  2. I am recovered from an eating disorder & still am handling depression and anxiety.
    I take Pristiq daily & I went through some pretty intense therapy that changed my life for the better.
  3. I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn and I've never felt more at home.
    I love the I'm in a city and I love how family-centered my hood is.
  4. My favorite print is polka dots!
  5. I always say I'm going to write a book, but i don't know if I'll ever do it.
    I want to write feminist YA and I have ideas, but after sitting in a computer at work all day writing, I find it difficult to sit down and have enough discipline to do it.
  6. I love true crime novels & podcasts.
    Hit me with your favorite tale of murder! It's fascinating.
  7. I adore dogs & cannot wait to have my own!
    I want a small pup, maybe a pug or a wiener dog but honesty whatever my local shelter has will probably steal my heart.
  8. I love fashion, but I go through phases with it.
    At one time, I had a blog that Tavi Gevison commented on!!! But then I got all teenager-y and horrible and tried to dress for boys. Now in New York, I feel that interest re-awakened.
  9. My sister and I have gotten closer as we've gotten older and I love it.
    We had a weird relationship growing up, she had lupus and some other issues that made closeness hard. But now we are close and I love it!
  10. My favorite food is my grandma's homemade ravioli.
    We have it every Christmas Day 🙏
  11. I started getting into barre classes and I adore them.
    I've always been into fitness, but sometimes I've had to pull back thanks to the aforementioned ED. Barre is sometimes not as body positive as I'd like, but I really enjoy the classes.
  12. My favorite movie is Pretty in Pink
    It's so perfect, and it reminds me of being an early teenager.
  13. I've been dating my boyfriend for five years, and he's been incredible to me.
    We started dating in high school after my ex dumped me two weeks before prom. I had a great dress so I had a friend set us up! We broke up when I went to college, but we got back together after my first semester. He has done so much for me, through my eating disorder recovery & dealing with some past issues, among others. I can't wait until he moves to ny!
  14. I love cold brew coffee
    I make it myself using a Toddy system.
  15. I've been trying to read more this year, and have finished ~25 books so far
    I was an avid reader as a kid but in college I slowed down a lot.
  16. I have severe food allergies & carry an EpiPen for them.
    I am allergic to all nuts, sesame, lentils, chickpeas, soy, flax & chia seeds.
  17. My family makes our own wine
    It tastes similar to whiskey. We use a recipe that has been in our family for a century. We use the same equipment my great grandparents did.
  18. The best trip I've ever taken was to visit Dan in Santiago, Chilé
    Second best? My sister's Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii.
  19. I love meeting people from the Internet IRL
    It's super intimidating but if you're in New York, let's meet up and hang!
  20. I try to practice intuitive eating, though sometimes it's hard.
    I love to distract myself with TV when I eat, but I'm a huge proponent of ~giving in to cravings~
  21. I work on Wall Street but it's not like that
    I'm a journalist & I cover stocks & deals made by healthcare companies and financial institutions.
  22. As a teen/tween I was a ~music girl~
    I would like obsessively search for new bands online & I actually ended up working in two music stores while I was in high school.
  23. I love wearing eyeliner
    I actually was incredibly attached to it, and was afraid to go out without it on for awhile. Better now, for sure.
  24. I love nature & hiking & camping
    Never anything too intense though. I'm into car camping and day hikes. If I ever had to go without toilet paper, I couldn't handle it.
  25. I hate driving.
    I once got into a car accident and got a speeding ticket in one day. Just no.
  26. I love novels with strong female protagonists.
    Right now my favorites include The Group, The Dud Avocado, The Bell Jar & The Neopolitan Novels.
  27. I grew up watching PBS.
    Wishbone, Bill Nye & Zoom anyone?
  28. My boyfriend and I love baking pies together.
    Ah the best is apple I think 🙏
  29. My default order at a bar is a vodka tonic.
    I'm kinda trying to not drink now because my antidepressants make it super uncomfortable but lol I had a beer on Saturday so that's really not going well.
  30. My best friend still lives in Pittsburgh
    We talk every day & she's my soul sister. We love so much of the same stuff & I know she'll always be there for me 💖
  31. I'm a summer baby and even though I hate the heat, I'm a summer gal at heart.
    I love sun and swimming and garden fresh food and getting enough vitamin D.
  32. Nothing sounds more incredible to me than retiring at a place where I can drink coffee on the porch and take care of fruit trees.
    Could there be anything better?
  33. I'm really free with my emotions. I cry a lot and I'm comfortable with it.
    It's funny, given that my family is rather stoic.
  34. I used to play soccer pretty competitively & considered playing in college.
    I think I was too small to keep up, but I really loved the game. I used to play on a cup team & considered playing on Point Park's team.
  35. I really disliked college.
    I had a shitty group of roommates and almost dropped out thanks to that paired with a pretty severe eating disorder. I didn't, but I think my time there was tainted by the experience.
  36. I want nothing more than to be a mom.
    The career woman in me kinda is weird about this, but I know I can do both!
  37. My feet are always cold
    Oh my god let me put them on you to warm up!
  38. I love a mug of green tea.
    Nothing is better on a cold day 🙏
  39. I'm such a morning person.
    I do my best work when I'm up early, and I hate sleeping in.
  40. I get super car sick.
    Honestly can cars just not exist? Lol jk but I operate much better on public transit TBH.
  41. I was raised Catholic but I'm not religious.
    I just really can't with it.
  42. My first concert was a Morrissey show
    Oh man The Smiths were my teenage years
  43. Ohhh I can't see at all. I wear glasses or contacts and if not I can't really get around
  44. As a kid I wore some rough headgear & have picture proof.
    (Thankfully not out of the house)
  45. Of the SATC ladies, I think I'm a Miranda?
    I just wanna marry my Steve & be practical!
  46. My perfect outfit is a white blouse-y top, some cute, booty hugging pants & an adorable pair of heels
  47. My favorite breakfast restaurant is The Donut Pub, for brunch I like Café Ghia, for lunch I like Sweetgreen, for coffee I love Bluespoon & for dinner I like San Marzano.
    (All in New York!)
  48. My favorite nail polish color is nude
    I rarely get manicures but ADORE a good gel polish.
  49. If I were a fruit, I would be a raspberry
    Small & sweet & many different parts. Sometimes a little too tart or wilted.
  50. I'm currently on a Megabus back to NYC that's stuck in horrible traffic
    Aka I'm carsick and board as shit