A Picture For Every Month of the Year

Inspired by @drugs
  1. January
    I moved to Bushwick with my friend Kate for my first job. I started listing this month, because I finally wanted to write again after years of struggling to do so (thanks antidepressants!) I started a job ~on Wall Street~ that doesn't pay enough. There was a big snow. I ate a lot of brunch.
  2. February
    I celebrated Valentine's Day with Dan. The job was hard work but I pushed myself. I don't remember much about February. Long distance sucked.
  3. March
    I accidentally invited two of my best friends and my sister and her best friend to my apartment all on the same weekend. It was insane but really fun. Otherwise, I worked my tush off through changes that started at my company, and began saving for a trip to Puerto Rico in June. I went home for the first time in March too for Easter. I love flying.
  4. April
    My parents came to visit and we went to the botanical gardens. My grandpa got sick. Dan's grandma died and I went to Arlington for her funeral last minute. My parents visiting was a highlight. So was seeing Dan. Also I met my very good friend Shelby in April via an app which is hilarious!
  5. May
    My grandpa died. My roommate and I were both depressed. It was a really shitty month to be honest. I got to go home twice and I saw him before he died.
  6. June
    I went to PR with Dan and his family. I was called the c-word by one of his fam members. I healed from the death of my grandpa. It was nice to be with Dan so much.
  7. July
    I went to the beach. I turned 23! I was super broke from that trip to PR. Some hard times were had post c-word gate.
  8. August
    My family visited! I met @drugs! More beaching and lots of being hot. So many bug bites dear lord. Healing between Dan & I. We have our five year anniversary.
  9. September
    I discover barre! I start bussing to DC again and it totally sucks. Still broke, try to sell clothes for money to make rent. I LOVE NEW YORK! Amanda comes to Pittsburgh with me and we bike everywhere in The city. Shaktibarre comes into my life!
  10. October
    Dan and I go to Philly! I get mega drunk at brunch with Shelby and vow to never drink again. Obviously I do. A bunch of work layoffs happen. I hang at THINX HQ. I get an IUD!!
  11. November
    The world ends pretty much. I start working at Shaktibarre and my freelance pieces print. I go to DC. One of my favorite people to work with leaves. My family and Dan come for Thanksgiving. I barf. I see Mitski live and feel too old for it.
  12. December
    Constant anger. I go to DC for a healthcare conference and eat at my favorite restaurant. I ask for a raise and wait for a week to find out what happens. One of my freelance gigs will no longer pay. I get an apartment in Bed Stuy to sublet for 5 months. I will go home soon.