A Weekend in Philadelphia

  1. So my boyfriend & I took buses to Philly this weekend (from NYC & DC) and stayed in an Airbnb
  2. It was really sweet 💖✨
  3. We at pickles and coffee for breakfast Saturday
  4. And waited in a dumb line for the Liberty bell
  5. I pretended to be rocky
  6. I saw emotions TBH
  7. We ate cheesesteaks
  8. I was my true self
  9. I got a temporary tattoo and drank a Pickle Martini and Your Tattooed Mom
    Then I accidentally got SLOSHED
  10. Hangover avo toast breakfast
  11. Hangover mama today
  12. We got really gross veggies while trying to be healthy 😳
  13. And now I'm almost home!