1. I'm a late adopter when it comes to apps. I find most of them difficult to use & just don't feel like I need to have them on my phone.
  2. A recent discovery, though, has me talking up an app to like everyone I know.
  3. Okay so Zocdoc has made my life SO MUCH EASIER since moving to New York.
    I'm trying to take care of myself & have just a few essential health apps.
  4. It lets you search for doctors covered by your insurance plan in your area & has reviews on the physicians.
  5. I've found my dentist, allergist & gynecologist using the app & have had amazing experiences with each.
  6. It also stores all their phone numbers which is great for when I need to call my allergist on the go.
    I did this today!
  7. It incentivizes you to go to the doctor with a game like chart.
  8. It's cleanly designed & has a great desktop interface too. It's so much easier to use than my insurance company's website.
  9. So idk, go take care of yourself and download this app!