1. He interprets my scary dreams using
  2. He send me pug pics when I'm stressed out.
  3. He squishes my tummy when I'm feeling playful, and rubs my back when I'm feeling self conscious.
  4. He's really smart, and is willing to debate with me on things I feel strongly about.
  5. But he never ever makes me feel like my opinions or ideas are small or silly. Instead they're pretty smart to him.
  6. He listens to music and podcasts in Spanish all the time because he wants to keep his fluency.
  7. He's okay with having no plan and being spontaneous
  8. He is adventurous and will try new foods or learn about different places all the time.
  9. He stuck with me through some really tough shit. He made sure I ate and put up with a lot of fighting on my end.
  10. He's always game to meet new people and loves to converse with others.
  11. He is super into board games. Except Boggle, which I love of course 🙄
  12. He takes his coffee strong and black, like me.
  13. Even though he's an extrovert, he loves spending the weekend in bed watching shows & cuddling.
  14. He unwaveringly encourages me to love every part of myself.
  15. He loves walking to explore new cities.
  16. He's an outdoorsman: he taught me to build a fire and identify poison ivy.
  17. His favorite thing to do in high school was drive his little red Miata with the top down, fast, down the winding streets of our town with music blasting.
  18. He believes in love and being together.
  19. He washes my hair and kisses my neck when he's trying to be sweet.
  20. He's an awesome cook & constantly tries new recipes with me.
  21. He makes a huge effort to keep us together...traveling miles and hours to see me & making long distance work.
  22. He's got a sense of whimsy that only comes out when ya know him real well.
  23. I'm crazy about this guy. 💖✨