Books I've Read in 2016 (June-September)

Yikes I haven't done one of these in a looooong time
  1. The Story of a New Name - Elena Ferrante
    The Neopolitan novels were my jam this summer. I love Ferrante. I'm sad some one tried to doxx her. But the book was so good. Wow.
  2. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay - Elena Ferrante
    Ugh someone pls discuss Nino Sarratore with me? Idk what else to say TBH
  3. Primates Of Park Avenue - Wednesday Martin
    This could have had so much more juiciness. Fell flat IMHO. Also just totally a trashy beach read.
  4. Raising Demons - Shirley Jackson
    The follow up to Life Among the Savages. Wow I love Jackson's take on motherhood. It's realistic and compelling and she's a damn good writer.
  5. Peyton Place - Grace Metalious
    I read this for the Gilmore Girls book club then never actually went to the meeting. The book was weird and quick and good.
  6. Too Big To Fail - Andrew Ross Sorkin
    Wow. So interesting. I recommend reading this 10000%. Also Sorkin is my new celeb crush. So attractive.
  7. Harry Potter & the Cursed Child - JK Rowling & two other dudes
    I feel very mixed. Was a little fan fictiony but still fun.
  8. Sex Object - Jessica Valenti
    A few friends & I formed a book club and this was our first read. So meh. She's interesting but coulda written this way better.
  9. The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty - Amanda Filipacchi
    Wow this was an interesting read. It reminded me of Dietland. Def would recommend.
  10. The Story of the Lost Child - Elena Ferrante
    The last of the Neopolitan novels. Wow. An incredible story. Please read them stat.
  11. Two Serious Ladies - Jane Bowles
    I read this book because of a Tennessee Williams recommendation on the cover. Weird and interesting and good but also very weird.
  12. The Folded Clock - Heidi Julavits
    I anticipate that this will be my favorite read of 2016. Incredible.
  13. Eileen - Ottessa Moshfegh
    Haunting. Very Shirley Jackson or even Peyton Place. I loved it