Relist to save a life. (This is part of my winter cleaning 📂❄️effort!)
  1. Okay first, let it be known that not all people with vaginas are women and not all women have vaginas. Kewl, got that on lockdown.
  2. But having a vagina & uterus comes with some specific health struggles, aka UTIS, yeast infections & for some, periods.
  4. Let's begin.
  5. UTIs
    Diagnose via WebMD, then get to a quick care clinic stat. They'll give you antibiotics and these little yellowish pills that numb the urethra & take the pain away! Make sure you take probiotics to keep digestive health in check. Once you have had one, they come back easily so do as I say: take cranberry supplements, PEE AFTER SEX & watch alcohol & caffeine consumption.
  6. Yeast Infections
    Self diagnosable & treatable! Treat these early by picking up the one day monistat but you gotta do this overnight. DO NOT DO DURING THE DAY. Wear Thinx or a pad afterwards. If you're not into the ~vaginal~ treatment, go to a quick care clinic, get the pill version and take care of yourself. Yeast can be caused by anything: to prevent, change out of bathing suits and other ~wet~ environments quickly, and stay stress free.
  7. Periods - Emotional
    Okay so there are normal emotional changes and there are wild roller coaster emotional changes you may experience with your cycle. Look up PMDD if you find that your mood swings are INSANE. I would literally get depressed for 7 days each month, starting fights with my BF and generally being a mess. Pristiq and Xanax have helped me function during that period. Also consider meditation and yoga.
  8. Period - physical
    Ibuprofen! And a heating pad! Exercise! Eating healthy! All good! Use Thinx!!!!!
  9. What are your tips and tricks??? What ailments am I forgetting?
  10. This magnesium supplement was reccomended to me by my chiropractor, therapist, AND acupuncturist separately. It has been a game changer for my anxiety, mood swings, and muscle spasms.
    Suggested by @avecsarah