Favorite NYC Activities 🤺

Good request!
  1. I love taking a barre class at Shaktibarre, then walking to my favorite juice shop for a mojito-style juice. Amazing.
    It's a body positive fitness studio in Williamsburg and honestly the best place 💥
  2. Sneaking out of work and getting a cold brew from Gregory's Coffee
    The cold brew is so good 😊
  3. The Donut Pub on a Saturday, meeting my friends before a day of wandering the city.
    Love the cruller and coffee ☕️
  4. Heading out to Rockaway Beach on a Sunday, grabbing arepas from Caracas and sipping on a Spiked Seltzer
  5. Flying out of JFK, dressed chic-ly in a New York lewk on my way to Pittsburgh
  6. Drinks and free pizza at Alligator Lounge on a Friday after a looooong work week
    They always play good music and have good shot and a beer special
  7. Grabbing a dollar slice hungover as hell and chugging coffee along with it
    God bless a dollar slice 🍕
  8. Wandering The Strand after work, picking up a couple of new reads
    My god I love it there
  9. Treating myself to an ethically questionable $8 manicure
  10. Walking from work on Wall Street through SoHo to shop. Popping into Mango is my favorite
  11. Meeting my journalist friends at Shoolbred's, my favorite bar in East Village
    Best in winter with the fireplace roaring.
  12. Walking through Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick to check out the dogs