Favorite Spots in New York

(Not all photos are mine)
  1. Three Diamond Door - Bushwick
    The very best bar, and it's s few blocks from me. $7 prosecco on tap, an amazing backyard where dogs roam free & once I saw Lea DeLauria leaving here during the day.
  2. Maria Hernandez Park - Bushwick
    The greatest park on earth. It has two dog runs, a fitness area, so many families and a hot dog cart. Perfect.
  3. The Donut Pub - Union Square
    Nut free donuts! Cream cheese & jelly sandwiches 🙏
  4. Amelie Wine Bar - Lower West Side
    Three glasses of wine for $12, plus a cheese plate & you're set
  5. Shoolbred's - East Village
    Great happy hour, great fireplace, amazing vibe.
  6. The Strand - Union Square
    This is such a no brainer
  7. Blue Spoon Coffee - FIDI
    That honey lavender latte is my love
  8. L'Agent - Lower East Side/SOHO
    My favorite underwear shop. Sexy and classy and you can usually find a good sale if you watch for it.
  9. Rockaway Beach
    I wanna spend every day there 🙏🙏🙏
  10. Hi Mango - Bushwick
    Best egg sandwiches for breakfast 🙏
  11. Jack's Wife Frida - SOHO
    For when you're feeling hip as hell 😊
  12. Friends & Lovers - Crown Heights
    The bar has an amazing soul night. Great backyard, decent prices. I wish it was easier to get to from my apt!
  13. The Spaghetti Incident - LES
    Super cheap homemade pasta, plus an amazing name.
  14. San Marzano - East Village
    More super cheap homemade pasta.