Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. One thousand percent over its September 11.
  2. I was in second grade. Kids were taken out of school but I stayed.
  3. My parents offered to discuss the news with me but I was too scared to know what happened.
  4. At night, we went outside and lit a candle on our porch during a national moment of silence. The wax stayed stuck in our porch for years after. A reminder of what happened.
  5. Later, as I got older, I became kinda obsessed with it. I read so many news stories & watched so many documentaries.
  6. Trying to make sense of what happened. Trying to make sense of how my life changed.
  7. Now I work just a few blocks away from where it happened. And I just can't imagine it.
  8. If you have a chance, visit the monument. Remember those killed and injured.
  9. It still hurts in New York. And it still hurts in a lot of places still terrorized by those who aren't accepting of others.