Not all pics are my own. This is where I wanna visit! Hit me with your suggestions for each ✨
  1. South America (Chilé, Argentina & Peru)
    I had the time of my life in Santiago, Chilé last year. I'm working on learning Spanish so I can go back, and hit Argentina and Peru.
  2. Austin, Texas
    My friend just moved there and I wanna eat ALL the tacos
  3. Reykjavik, Iceland
    Flights are cheap & Into The Gloss just had a story on the mud spa situation which I'm really all about
  4. Palm Springs, California
    Into the ~hipness~ of this place. I wanna go back to California too!
  5. Asheville, North Carolina
    I wanna go and hike and eat hippie food!
  6. Piedmont, Italy
    My family is originally from here. I want to go and experience it!
  7. Beirut, Lebanon
    I'm a bit uncertain about Middle Eastern travel. That said, I have a lot of friends in Beirut and would love to see this beautiful town.
  8. Athens, Greece
    My boyfriend's roommate is from Greece, so like tryna tag along on that trip ✨
  9. Montreal, Canada
    I want to use my French for once in my life!
  10. Nice, France
    Same goes for Nice. Also like the water is just beautiful 🙏
  11. Boston, Massachusetts
    This east coast gal has never been! And I hear it's like Pittsburgh in a lotta ways!