Happy Galentines, Sarahsmith4!

  1. Eeeek Sarah! I'm so excited to be wishing you a Happy Galentine's Day!
  2. While I didn't follow you before, I'm so excited that you're my Galentine, because you're a badass lister.
  3. Your taste in books and authors is impeccable.
    Werk Jane, werk 🤗
  4. Ah and have a few extra gallons of coffee on Lorelei and Rory today
    (I will be Lane, support you & bring you coffee xoxo)
  5. Please keep tweeting your drafts, you're funny as shit!
    Girl I live here and need this badly.
  6. Idk what your deal romantically is, but may you come to feel this way about someone, eventually. Hehe
  7. And keep up the candy consumption. Gobstoppers are good for ya!
  8. Have a face mask on me today! Shine bright like a diamond you beautiful dolphin you! ✨✨✨