1. I went home this weekend.
  2. And I usually am crazy anxious at home. I love my parents but we have some different opinions and I struggled for a long time with how to manage this. Coming home was always really tough on me.
  3. But this weekend was nice. Calm. I felt good.
  4. I think it's a mixture of having a job/feeling successful and productive and the antidepressants I'm taking.
  5. It made me so happy that I could enjoy my family & my boyfriend's family without stressing over small things like body image or food or my differences with my parents.
  6. I felt really happy.
  7. Here's some pics of the weekend
  8. Dyed eggs ✨
  9. Dan & I 💖
  10. Dans dog 🐶
  11. Some of my high school besties 👯
  12. My dad & my sis on our back porch 👒
  13. My mom & I shopping (I totally regret not buying that pajama set!) 👜
  14. Ugh one more cause I love him ❤️