How I'm taking care of myself this week

I've been a haggard mess these past few weeks. It's both fair & reasonable to have been so (goddamn, politics are rough). But it's no excuse to let myself feel like shit! Here's what I'm doing this week to feel a little better:
  1. I'll take my antidepressant and probiotic and vitamin D nightly
  2. I'm going to yoga & barre classes at least three times this week.
  3. I'm going to pack coffee & lunch for work as much as I can
    (I'm buying coffee tomorrow cause I accidentally left my travel mug at work)
  4. If I have extra time, I'll finally join the rec center so I have access to the treadmill.
  5. I'll do my laundry cause it's almost been a month 😭
  6. I'll mask one time this week ✨
  7. Eight glasses of water or more a day. Non negotiable.
    (To combat a certain antidepressant side effect that is killllling me)
  8. I'll make some yummy dairy free dinners
  9. What are you gonna do this week? Check in on @Boogie's hot bod accountability squad lists to keep updated on other lister's health goal$ 💪