1. Soooo Thanksgiving is Thursday. For many of us, this kicks off a wild season of lots of eating, seeing family members we may tend to avoid, traveling and ~stress~
  2. It's also one of the darkest months (at least in the U.S.) which can totally aggravate certain mood disorders.
  3. But you can - and will - survive! I've got some tips that have helped me keep my body image and ~eating disorder~ business in check. Feel free to add more advice if you have it!
  4. Eat regular, nourishing meals.
    No skipping meals to "save calories" for later. No binging on holiday feasts, only to feel guilty later. You get to eat whatever the fuck you want, as long as it's like a normal meal sized amount. You should be doing this like always, but definitely start focusing on it the day before thanksgiving. Eat breakfast Thanksgiving morning, let that set you up for the day normally.
  5. Take yoga or meditate.
    I like to take a yoga class either the day before or day of thanksgiving (like in the morning before the celebration). I set an intention of enjoying the holidays and chilling out even if I can't control everything. Can't get to a class? Download headspace and take a few mins.
  6. If you're an adult going home: understand that parents, etc aren't always perfect.
    They might still see you as 18. Understand that you're not, set firm boundaries but try not to fight toooooo much. Just thinking about how you've changed beforehand can be helpful. Do some things that make you feel autonomous.
  7. Pick out some of your favorite, comfortable clothes to wear.
    There will be lots of photos. And there may be some bloating. Be prepared for both! It's okay to try to look your best! But make sure you're comfy too.
  8. Think about your language at the dinner table, and talk to your family about it too.
    No discussing weight, calories or how much or how little people are eating. It's not your business, and it's not someone else's. If someone makes a weird comment about food or your body, feel free to say "what an odd thing to say" because it fucking is.
  9. Focus on what makes the holiday positive, beyond food
    Is it cooking with your fam? Or maybe watching the parade in your jammies? Think of the good!!
  10. Less mirrors than usual
    I wrote a list about how I don't have a full length mirror in my apartment. I swear to god it helps not to be able to scrutinize your body.
  11. Reach out to a friend if you're struggling.
    I usually text my support group gang. If you need someone, let me know. I can give ya my digits !
  12. We're gonna get thru! I love you babes!!!