1. Life is worth living/and by living I mean actually feeding myself/and by that I mean I'm not going to engage in eating disordered behaviors any more.
    I can't tell you how long it took to get me here.
  2. Shine theory is real. Build the people up around you! If you shine, I shine.
  3. Relationships are meant to be fun. If you're not enjoying yourself get the fuck out of it.
  4. Your parents can love you immensely, even if they don't always do what's right for you.
  5. There's probably not a ~higher power~ and when we die we turn to dust but it's still cool because we become part of the earth itself.
  6. One of life's greatest pleasures is reading a book on your porch with a drink in hand.
  7. Salami must be sliced paper thin, mixing dairy products is vile, vodka tonics are the best liquor, sour cream will never pass these lips.
  8. The White Album was The Beatles' best.
  9. Embracing personal style is far more important than being trendy.
  10. Fighting in public is not okay, and using dragging others into your fight is far worse than that.
  11. Nothing can't be cured by a face mask, bad reality tv and online shopping.
  12. Feminism is vital. Equal pay is vital.