And it's weird.
  1. I've become late for everything. I used to hate being late, but then it just started happening. Now it kinda feels out of control?
    I used to hate how late my mom was. Now I'm like, I feel u girl.
  2. I'm always cold. I used to be warm as a child but now I can never seem to be.
    My mother wore undershirts and sweaters and still was chilly!
  3. I'm so so so carsick now. This is something new for me too...back when I rode in cars more I could read for the entire 5 minute drive to my grandparents' houses.
    My mom was always the one who had to ride in the front seat. Now it's me!
  4. My PMS is insane. Truly. I never understood why my mom sometimes got super cranky and these awful migraines, just about monthly. Apparently it's cause PMDD runs in the fam.
  5. These are little things, but they're piling up and it's confusing for me.
  6. My mom always said I was exactly like my dad. My demeanor, my responses to just about anything, even the way I looked.
  7. Seriously, people asked her if I was adopted as a child.
  8. I mean....we really don't look anything alike...
  9. Here she is with my dad. I look way more like him!
  10. It's kind of nice to know that I have parts of her in my personality. It makes me understand her more, which I really didn't growing up.
  11. Has this happened to you? Is it as weird for you as it is for me? Idk man....