In 2017 I Will....

  1. Learn Spanish
    10 minutes of Duolingo or my Harry Potter Spanish books in 2017
  2. Write something that's not journalism
    Poems, fiction, a book, ya know ✨
  3. Move in with my boyfriend!!!!!
    We've been together for 5.5 years, long distance 3 times, finally gonna be together!
  4. Deal with a sexual assault that happened a LONG time ago
    I'm okay but I need to work through it in a healthy way. Im joining a therapy group!
  5. Use my crockpot more
    I would be happy to cook more omg
  6. Save $1000 for emergencies
    I'm 10% there already omg
  7. What about you babes????
  8. Buy a basket to store my blankets in my living room
    Because it looks classy af