Can be given or received! Love is love is love is love is love it whatever 🤗😍🌹💍👄
  1. Most romantic thing I've done: I made a bombass playlist and set up candles & made my bf & my first time together v special. Most romantic thing done for me: (I loathe grand gestures) Dan has made some incredible art for me using graphic design over the years...that's always felt really special.
  2. So how about you? How ~love~ do ya get?
  3. Most romantic thing done for me: my boyfriend at the time went to NY for a week over our second anniversary and I couldn't go with him. He packed a picture of me and went all over the city with a Polaroid, asking strangers to take pictures of him holding my picture at different landmarks I wanted to see/places I wanted to go
    He put all the pictures in an album and gave it to me along with a sweet letter when he got home and I. cried. buckets. because it was so thoughtful.
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  4. Ok so I was in this stretch of playing weddings/rehearsal dinners for a few people in a row, and it was making me feel pathetic cuz that's not my dream. So on the day of the last wedding gig out of the bunch, my gf woke up before me and left a note on the door: "I know you feel like a wedding singer, but you are so much more. I'm so proud of you."
    It said some other inside joke stuff too, but that was the important part. That stands out more than any other gesture anyone has made in the past.. 💕
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  5. Most romantic thing I've done is a GRAND GESTURE so I'm not gonna describe it cuz u hate those but needless to say it involved hopping on a plane 🙃
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