1. Omg so first thank you all for being literally the sweetest on my last list. I was freaking out before my appointment and reading your comments gave me life.
  2. Giphy
  3. Okay so the procedure was so chill. I went to Planned Parenthood in SoHo and was so upset by all the security there. Like it sucks that women trying to get healthcare have to be so fucking guarded from shitty people.
  4. At any rate, the whole thing only pinched a tiny bit. I've had worse UTIs TBH. Basically it felt like getting a regular gyno exam, and then there was a deep pinch for like 30 seconds. I did lots of yoga breathing and said fuck a few times. I'd say that taking Advil every few hours starting last night helped. So did the Xanax.
  5. There was some blood after. And I had all this adrenaline. I literally took the M train home and stood the whole time.
  6. Now the cramps are kinda awful but I think part of all that is the Advil wearing off. Gonna get some major sleep tonight! I took more painkillers, have a heating pad on and my thinx doing their thing.
  7. I'm interested to see how my period goes. But excited to have protection/not have to use condoms or worry about it for a long time.
  8. I've been wanting an IUD for a long ass time and I'm so glad I finally bucked up and did it.
  9. Otherwise please consider donating to your local PP, either time or money. They get a lotta shit but truly do amazing work.