TW? Eating disorders/food shit
  1. The flu made me not want to eat anything (despite the fact that I feel better) and I think it's got to do with some past very bad habits around food.
    (Okay also acknowledging that it's the first I've been "empty" in a while and that feeling is like a fuckin drug)
  2. This is truly the ~time~ of the year when I used to drink Starbucks drinks for meals, restrict all day & eat an entire thing of popcorn for dinner.
    The holidays & some past traumas happen(ed) in the fall and tend to be triggers for me. Also I typically flip out from SAD this time of year.
  3. I'm not gonna do that again!!!! I'm too busy & too cute to slip back into ye olde eating disorder.
    It's literally the least cute thing. Remember hair falling out girl????
  4. So I called my BF and asked him to check in on my meals tomorrow.
    He's gonna. Supportive lil babe 💖
  5. And I did this:
    Oooooh so fuckin hot 🔥
  6. Idk I'm just here to acknowledge that this is the first time in months that I've considered restricting.
  7. And even though it's happening I'm in control of my life and I'm not gonna do it.
  8. You can be strong and still struggle sometimes. We all do 💪
  9. (Also I have some really awesome shit to be here for)