1. So as many of you know, I moved to Bushwick in January.
  2. Since I graduated early, I know a total of two people here before moving.
  3. So I tried to use some resources to make friends!
  4. I joined a skee ball league
    This was definitely for an older crowd. My roommate & I joined with her friends. I got hungover a lot before work & I'm pretty okay at skee ball now?
  5. I joined Monarq
    It's a glitchy ass app to meet lady friends! I met an awesome gal through it and she works in publishing so free books??
  6. I joined Hey! Vina
    This is a much nicer version of Monarq! I just got drinks with a woman from it on Tuesday and had a great time. Definitely am going to continue to use this!
  7. I joined New York Social Network
    It's like a meetup group! I did a scavenger hunt in FIDI tonight and had a fun time. This one got me out of the house & while I didn't meet anyone new ill stay in touch with, I felt occupied & had a fun time!
  8. I've learned that you have to put in effort to friend people!! But once you do, they're pretty open to your efforts!
  9. I'm really not great in large groups or loud bars, so the one on one meet ups I did with the women from the apps were much more successful!
  10. But I think it's important to know these things exist. Moving to a brand new city is not as terrifying as you think & there are ways to meet people 😊